Saturday, January 31, 2009

Digital Products:

People also sell 'digital' products and services on the Internet. For example, downloadable ebooks,audio, video and software are considered 'digital' products.

Physical Products:

Again, anything you can sell offline can sold online, too. This includes things like books, cds, clothing, jewelry, houses, cars, kitchen appliances, plane tickets, toys and so on.Again, anything you can sell offline can sold online, too. This includes things like books, cds, clothing, jewelry, houses, cars, kitchen appliances, plane tickets, toys and so on.

So How Do People Really Make Money On The Internet?

So, just how do people really make money on the Internet? I think you'll be surprised by the variety of money-making opportunities at your digital doorstep.profitable Internet businesses need to offer a mix of products and services.

Just what types of products are offered online? The possibilities are endless and they can take a number of forms

What Is Business All About?

Why do people do business ? what can owning an business do for you?When is it good for you to do? it’s all about freedom. An personal business gives you more freedom of choice in:

How you spend your time

How you express your unique talents and interests

How much you are able to earn

This is because, in a personal business, you are your own boss.

You get to decide where the focus is in terms of the products you're selling, how much time and effort you invest in selling them, and how you want to grow your business.Better yet, you get to set your own hours and you won't be fired or laid off; and, if you find it just doesn't suit you, you can change the focus of your business, sell it off, even quit and go back to the 9 to 5 world if you want.

Now, i should go without saying that business is also about money. Potentially lots of money if you hit a lucrative niche and understand how to exploit it.I challenge you to find any other home-based business that can pull in as much income as an Internet business!

The reason for this is that the cost, or barriers, to entry in the Internet business are amazingly low.

In traditional business, you might have to spend several thousand dollars or naira just to get started.In the Internet business, you can get started on a shoe-string budget. People have built fortunes on the Internet starting with nothing more than N5000 and a winning idea.It gets even better. Not only are start-up costs low, but overall operating costs in Internet businesses are lower compared to traditional businesses. You can spend, say, $100/month on freelance jobs,trading and advertising, while making back 10 x's that amount.I can't think of any other industry where profit margins exceed expenses on this level, except

perhaps the oil and pharmaceutical industries.If all of this isn't enough to convince you, then I don't know what will, but I urge you to take aserious look at how an Internet business might benefit you.Maybe you're ready to find a way out of your current job. Maybe you want to save for retirement or put your children through college.All you need is to have an email and be able to access the internet either by cafĂ© or home system.In either case, if you want extra time, extra money, or both, then an Internet business is one of the easiest and most effective paths to achieving those goals…and there is enough cash for everyone to share!

Friday, January 30, 2009

What Is Google Adsense?

Hope you are happy with the simple and easy way to create a blog? That is what I expected you to do after going through with the first lesson on 'what is blogging'.
You can now see that it is not difficult to be an online publisher.
Now that you have a blog of your own, the next thing is to get google to place adverts on your blog. How can this happen?
The steps you will need to take are very simple and amazing. Just make sure you have good content on your blog. Google will start paying you for any click-through on any of the adverts placed on your blog. Before then, you must have formally applied for adsense account. Google will review your application and inform you later if you have been successful. Once your application is approved, the power to start earning money has been transferred to you.
Google adsense is a fast way to start earning good income online. You surely will not want to be left out.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

all about money

.........Have learnt my lessons about it. Education is not money. Get it, it is a means of how to get money. Even people that didn't go to school made money and live fine. Its all about your inborn ability and love for something unique.